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AktieInvest x Daymi


Streamlining corporate actions, with Daymi

  • Location: Stockholm
  • Website:
  • Industry: Online broker
  • Company size: 40 people

Aktieinvest, founded in 1965, is one of the oldest independent savings institutions in Sweden. They serve over 50,000 clients with savings in equity, funds, and other financial products. One of their unique offerings is the ability for clients to invest in fractions of a share, allowing for monthly savings in the stock market. In addition to their savings offering to individuals, Aktieinvest also provides issuer services for companies looking to conduct IPOs and private placements, as well as employee stock options programs and Certified Advisor services to help listed companies meet regulatory requirements and financial reporting obligations.

We’ve met with Kristin Kjellberg, responsible for implementing Daymi at the back office department, to talk about how Daymi helps her team manage corporate action processes. When Kristin joined the Aktieinvest back office team, she faced outdated routines and manual processes. 

The challenge

Most of the daily routines were handled manually, and some – were still in paper form. The team relied on Outlook for reminders, but this often led to overflowing inboxes and calendars, making it difficult for everyone to keep track of their tasks. Everyone in the back office team had to be included in the reminders, in case one of the team members got sick.

Their inboxes and calendars were constantly overflowing and emails were hard to find in the mess. This was particularly challenging for new team members like Kristin, who needed to learn how to handle both day-to-day routines and unexpected situations.

Daymi for operational efficiency

Slow onboarding process because of scattered documentation.

Daymi for operational efficiency

Information overflow and fatigue trying to reduce key dependencies.

Not missing out on deliverables to their clients.

Wasting time chasing deadlines.

Minimising risk in corporate actions, with standard operating procedures

Managing multiple IPOs, placements, and stock options programmes can be a daunting task, and it requires keeping track of numerous deadlines.  The team realised that manual reminders in Outlook created operational risk and induced stress within the team. To simplify this process, the team took an active approach towards standardizing their operations by using templates to create interactive standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Process templates in Daymi are used to create standard workflows or ad-hoc processes that can be easily deployed when needed. This can be useful for situations where a standard process is needed, such as when a new customer is acquired or a new account is opened. The templates can be customized to fit the specific needs of the situation and can be easily duplicated and deployed when necessary.

Aktieinvest team uses Daymi’s flexible notification system to stay on top of their ad-hoc processes and deadlines. It’s a fully custom system that includes dashboard, email and phone notifications. This is particularly useful for tasks that require four-eye approvals or dual controls, as it allows approvers to quickly confirm the process and move on to the next task.  Daymi lets you remind others and be reminded stress-free. 

“Having SOPs minimises the risk and creates transparency. Everyone carries out the tasks the same way and we don’t miss out on deadlines. That’s our greatest focus.“

The use of SOPs allows the team to manage their ad-hoc processes more effectively, providing a clear overview of daily tasks and reducing the risk of missing important deadlines. Replacing scattered Excel sheets with SOPs in Daymi created transparency and momentum for the team – everyone knows what to do, how to do and when to do it. As a result, the team eliminated key staff dependency and reduced operational risk. 


Daymi for operational risk
Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures

Simplify your everyday operations

Daymi helps teams reduce operational risk by making it easy to create SOPs and track deadlines. This eliminates key staff dependencies and promotes transparency, which can help everyone work more effectively. By using Daymi, teams can focus on saving time,  ultimately leading to a stress-free and more efficient work environment.

Daymi for operations management

The solution

A clear overview of what to do and when. Our customers save 1 to 2  hours per day using Daymi.

Track and manage all of your operations in one platform, ensuring quality and timeliness of service to your clients.

Information is shown at the relevant time for relevant people only.

company size
recuring controls
monthly ad-hoc projects
Daymi for operational risk
Not having a clear overview made it difficult for someone new, like me. What deadlines do we have and how do we prioritise? It was too much to handle with manual reminders in Outlook only. We had to develop a new way of working. Kristin Kjellberg, Back Office at AktieInvest